March 19' Monthly Selects

Newton Peak at sunset @ Mt Sunday, New Zealand

Newton Peak at sunset @ Mt Sunday, New Zealand


What a month, busy in the making for the prints online shop,

Creating a business and preparing spring trips! How was your month?

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Journey Notes

48H of Banks Peninsula

Mt Sunday

I’m truly behind sharing these stories and somehow I love it. Going through all those images reminds me so much of the trip aroundNew Zealand, and even though in the northern hemisphere we are entering spring, these two stories will transport you back to Autumn and Winter.Landing in New Zealand couldn’t have started better, just at sunset over the Southern Alps, majestic mountains in the south island. Got me excited already before stepping in the country!

The other destination turned out to be, one of the highlights, if not "The Highlight" of New Zealand. Mt Sunday aka Edoras, or Rohan from the Lord of the Rings, what a site!

Amazing Places

Once again traveling back and forward between hometown and Madrid, preparing all the formalities for business creating, left not much time for pleasure, although sometimes a weekend is just enough.

 Denia, Alicante, Spain.

A new area on the coast of Spain I hadn't visited before. Cap the San Antoni, a wonderful marine reserve in which to see the city of Javea (in the picture), Ibiza island and impressive cliffs to the Mediterranean Sea.

Bits of inspiration.

Personally, winter is a season I really appreciate, different to many I enjoy the cold crisp air in the morning and don’t mind having to wear a few extra layers. This winter though has been rather short, and there’s no other way that seeing others to be inspired and get that feeling.

This family had been in expeditions before, from Alaska to Japan they had skied all.In this story, they explore and reconnect an area in their home country in the North of Sweden.

Their story is also to raise awareness of how climate change is affecting the planet we all live in.

”Statistics over the last 20 years show a one metre per year decrease of the south peak, due to snow melt”

During January, Gilly McArthur undertook a challenge to swim in the local Cumbrian lakes and tarns every day to raise money and awareness for the health charity, Mind.Can you describe the feeling of ice swimming?The answer is simply inspiring.

Can you describe the feeling of ice swimming?

The answer is simply inspiring.

These two stories brought a bit of winter cold and now I’m ready to face spring! Hope you too!

Insightful Words

The Gap by Ira Glass

These words aren’t on a magazine or a newspaper, Daniel Sax created this video for himself and anybody in doubt with her creative career or willing to try something else, something different and always seeking improvement. Probably the most inspiring words this month.

Sidetracked, Volumen 14

This volume got me excited, its main theme, “taking risks and taking care“.

Remarkable written stories.

The Call, by Jillian A. Brown

What she learned on that trip might impact her for the rest of her life. Can’t recommend enough this story if you can purchase the volume.

The Shining Wall, by Jeremiah Watt

”I’m fully honored to have been inspired by his humility, insight, and ambition. His was a light extinguished too soon. I hope the ice is fat, the mountains tall, and the days long wherever your spirit resides.”

This volume had me thinking about these words I thought it may you think as well.”Earth is a place we camp through with skill and care, leaving little trace, and picking up treasured memories during our time limited stay.”

Hoping you enjoyed those bits above. That’s a wrap! Wishing you all the best for April, make it count! 🤘

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February 19' Monthly Selects

Sunrise Room View @ Benasque Valley

Sunrise Room View @ Benasque Valley


Almost in no time February 19’ is over, and with it the selections of the month! 🙌

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Journey Notes

Fraser & Whitsunday Islands
Queensland, Australia

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The last of the last stories from Australia.

My confession goes here, it has been amazing to re-edit and share these two stories.Fraser and Whitsunday were truly an experience, both islands had its unique beauty and I feel so lucky to have been there to show you.

However, the Australian journey couldn’t have finished in a better way. A highly recommended adventure, living aboard Ocean Quest vessel for the 3 days, diving 4 times a day and seeing an incredible marine life.The Great Barrier Reef left us speechless, so I hope it does you the same.

Amazing Places

This month it has been quite busy with something in the making, but I’ll share that in a few days. Therefore I simply had a weekend getaway.

 Cerler ski trip February 2019

A weekend in the Pyrenees, in particular Cerler Ski Station, Huesca, Spain.Three days of skiing in which, even though the snow wasn't at its greatest conditions, I recharged inspiration for a month. Being surrounded by the nature beauty, by high mountains, getting hit by the strong wind, it simply remind me how small we are, and we had fun days on the slopes too.

Bits of inspiration.

This month, maybe more than others, I felt the need to share how lucky we are to live we were we live. Yet, we’re recklessly using all natural resources of the planet. We are worshiping the God of money and just buying and wasting, while others live in poverty destroying the environment to survive, but we, destroy the environment in order to have more than we need.

It’s difficult for me to share a remarkable sentence or quote from Jane Goodall, so I would highly recommend to watch her talking.

”Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference”
- What kind of difference you make?

This 25 min film tells the story of Rankin Jackson’s struggle to provide for his family while trying to survive the push of drug running and ultimately how fly fishing revealed his road to redemption.

”I’m not afraid of drug runners, you know? I’m afraid of Pirates”

”What about if I get killed? What if I get hijacked? What if I they take me to prison - You got the opportunity to get 10.000 $, and buy his medication for a year? - I don’t wanna lose my son, I’d do anything for him”

We are so fortunate to have been born in a peaceful place, with resources, and yet we don’t feel that as a privilege. This film will show some of it, go watch it.

I hope these stories encourage you to seize the week, month, year and find your way to make a positive impact.

Insightful Words

Sidetracked, Volumen 13

Two stories,

A story about chasing tornadoes in the US.
Incredibly well written made me want to go straight away into a storm an feel the power of dust, wind, and rain.

She goes with her dog, two horses across 1.000 miles in Patagonia,
and having been there it really made feel what she had gone through.
A powerful written story. See more of it in her site.

Well, that’s enough internet for today! I really hope the above mentioned inspires you to make a change.

Once again, would you like to share something that inspires you?

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