December 18’ Monthly Selects

 New Zealand


As you may know, this is something new I would like to do in the new year.

Along the way, I will be introducing new ideas and or removing some others, so any suggestion is more than welcome!

Let’s get to it, here the brief of what happened during December 18.

What did I write?

48h of Melbourne

Great Ocean Road

Two stories from the beginning of the Australian trip.

Melbourne was a fantastic way to kickstart the road trip,
and the Great Ocean Road left us in awe.

Looking for ideas to travel in 2019? Check them out!

Where did I go?

I discovered about Mendi Film Festival a couple of months ago,
a Mountain Film Festival in Bilbao, North of Spain.
The past month I attended and watched a few movies.

I was totally amazed by the number of inspiring people out there going in incredible adventures, in this case in the mountains.

So if you have a chance, check them out for next year, or watch their social media for tours around Spain.

Bilbao Mendi Film Festival

If Spain isn’t an option, there a few others you can check out. EOFT, Dutch Mountain Film Festival, Banff Mountain Film Festival, and much more.

What have I been inspired by?

During the festival above mentioned I had the chance to watch a few movies, some of them really inspired me, so they may inspire you as well.

  • This Mountain Life, inspiring about this girl and her mother going for 6 months in the mountains of British Columbia.

  • The Dawn Wall, Tommy Caldwell, and Kevin Jorgeson climbed a thousand meters seemingly impossible wall.

  • Free Solo, in which Alex Honnold climbs ropeless another thousand meters wall.

What did I read?

Another Escape, Volumen 9, in particular, a couple of stories.

  • Firstly Brothers by Nature in which Ed & James Harrison combine design and conservation in their new project, Under the Skin of endangered animals.

  • Carving Landscapes, in which printmaker Kelli MacConnell shows how her relationship with nature and her work.