June 19' Monthly Selects

Volcà del Croscat, Girona

Volcà del Croscat, Girona

It's about half of the year and I almost didn't realize how fast time goes, so better live to the fullest.

June, the month of changing seasons again, summer starts so do most holiday periods in the northern hemisphere.

Bluebird skies, at least where I live, long light days and high temperatures.

Personally, I do not acclimatize well to the heat and seek cold places, yet this month brought me to the coastline in my home country, which I'm grateful too.

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Journey Notes


The wettest inhabited place in New Zealand.



Finally! Back on writing twice a month, still on New Zealand though.

At first Milford Sound, truly a magical place on earth. In truth, it’s the action of glaciers that carved these razor-edge cliffs, on top of that rain non-stop brings to life hundreds of waterfalls otherwise unseen, and even though initially can be shocking and to some frustrating, I believe Milford Sound in full swing is when it rains.

End of the month I shared 48h of Queenstown. The city served us as a hub while traveling further south or north, and it didn't disappoint at all.
One of the cities with the clearest skies I've ever seen, surrounded by majestic mountains, spectacular lakes and gorges, and even though it could be touristy, there are plenty of activities to go around.

Hope you like them 🤞

Amazing Places

Santa Margarida Volcano, Girona

Santa Margarida Volcano, Girona

As I said at the beginning, this month I was privileged to visit a couple of places in my home country, places I hadn't visited before, places that left me in awe, and I was seeking for a while now.

La Garrotxa, in Girona, a huge natural park with many extinct volcanic cones. None of the volcanoes are active anymore, however, the region is still seismically active.

Milky Way over the volcanic mountains, Cabo de Gata.

Milky Way over the volcanic mountains, Cabo de Gata.

Within 24h, having driven for about 1.300 km, I was all the way in the south region of Almeria, this time to visit Cabo de Gata.

Another volcanic area, way different than the former, a wild and isolated landscape with some of Europe's oldest geological features.

This place falls steeply to the Mediterranean Sea and features sharp peaks, high cliffs, and sandy beaches, some people even said a unique paradise within Europe.

To me are both pretty spectacular, and I will definitely come back to both to explore in depth.

Stay tuned for a full blog, as well as many more images on my Instagram.

Underwater images while snorkeling at Cabo de Gata.

Bits of inspiration.

This month I haven't watched all the videos below, but I thought of recommending a bunch of great stuff from Netflix. So here we go!

The fact that climate change is here is undeniable, we may not see the consequences at first glance, but when we look deeper, it is real. Glaciers are shrinking faster than ever, some species are close to extinction, and oceans getting warmer by the day.

This series is the most spectacular I've watched in a while, thanks to the latest technology, the images in this documentary will leave you in awe seeing the planet we live, our home.


Continuing on the climate change topic, Vice President Al Gore continues his tireless fight traveling around the world training an army of climate champions and influencing international climate policy.

This documentary really caught my attention by seen how complicated negotiations can be, especially when, we, the western world ask our brothers and sisters from countries in development to change their policies to save the world.

Quite an interesting topic today more than ever.


Insightful Words



Even though this magazine doesn't have such great stories as the previous I've mentioned here, their first volume showed me how some places close by are wonderful but also taught me a bit of the history of Chamonix, which I'm currently at again this year.

The Endurance Issue

This month Wilderness Magazine made it again to the insightful words section.

In particular, in this volume, Interview to Ruthie Lindsey, a story of Joy through endless Pain. At seventeen years old, she was hit by an ambulance, after years of chronic pain, painkillers, depression... you name it.

Until she chose to change her narrative, went home to the same town where she almost lost her life. She decided to learn joy again, to retrain her spirit to soothe her physical pain, to salvage strength from her suffering.

You can read much more from her story, and watch her story too.

Kilian Jornet Interview

A really good friend o mine, Adrian, shared an interview to Kilian Jornet in the Spanish paper, Expansion.

Kilian is clearly one of those superhumans, but it's also one of the most impressive hard training persons, during winter he trains 3-4 hours in the morning and 1-2 in the afternoon every day, and during summer he trains 2 times a day, between 2 and 7 hours every day, clearly he deserves to win.

Even though is in Spanish, you can translate easily with google.

And, whoa! We kickstart the second half of the year, and I wish you all the best, make sure to make it count!

Thank you again for being there all this time, hope we can be together for, at least, another 6 months. 

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