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Milky Way over Mont Blanc, and my tent @ Lac des Cheserys, France.

Milky Way over Mont Blanc, and my tent @ Lac des Cheserys, France.

Full summer mode ON. With heatwaves all around, smashing high-temperature record across Europe, it was kinda difficult to escape it.

Yet, it’s great to feel some warm days, not too many for me, and that’s why during a couple of weeks I headed out to the Alps seeking for fresh air, a few snow patches and nights out in the tent where to cool down.

Not only that, in fact, it’s becoming a ritual, to spend a few days around Chamonix, where my lilbrother runs the Marathon du Mont Blanc, a race, I’m considering joining one year, cause I was terribly jealous of my brother both times he finished.

Anyway, let the monthly selects started! And remember, you can read any of the previous months in here

Journey Notes


Wanaka is a well-known area in New Zealand, maybe for its tree, maybe for its outdoor activities or maybe because it’s really close to Queenstown Airport. In any case, its beauty it’s undeniable.

We had a few hikes around, both Roys and Isthmus peaks offered stunning vistas while their ascent was a rough work out for us, always rewarding at the end.

In this post, you’ll see how 48h were spent around and hopefully serve as a guide.


These aren’t fieldnotes, in fact, by the time I will write about this trip, it will probably be 2020, however, I have had the feeling I wanted to get more into video, this is far from perfect, and I know there are plenty of things to improve, yet, you’ve got to start somewhere and that’s what motivated me to share this one. Hope you like it.

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Amazing Places

Chamonix, France

I still remember last year when for the first time I looked up high to the Mont Blanc and all those granite spikes.
Well, they truly left me in awe.

When this year, my brother was selected to run the Marathon du Mont Blanc,
I had no doubt I was coming back. Endless hikes, precious views, trails to explore and more was the bait, and once again,
I came back saying, well, I guess I have to come back again and keep hiking around.

I could share many moments from this year, however, there are other’s stories to share too.
And if you are in Europe, highly recommend visiting Chamonix.

If you can't wait to see this story, check out the tracking on Polarsteps

Sunset at Le Brevent. Last night out.

Sunset at Le Brevent. Last night out.

Krystle Wright has made into the newsletter before, but she is truly inspiring.

What we do is a big reflection of who we are and Krystle Wright,
and the athletes in this film, that means following their passions in the outdoors.

Whether that's getting rowdy on the trail, in the climbing gym or behind the camera, it takes guts.

After watching this short film, I promise, you'll want to leave everything at that moment, and head out to enjoy the outdoors in any form.

I usually don't share political stuff in here and hope this doesn't count as politics.

Watched this Ted talk recently and if we leave aside all those political connotations, I do agree with George Monbiot, we need a new story,

There are a few sentences that I would really like to emphasize.

"What we need to create is a community based on bridging networks, not bonding networks. Now a bonding network brings together people from a homogenous group, whereas bridging network brings together people from different groups."

"Whether or not you feel this is the right story I hope you'll agree that we need one, we need a new restoration story"

And given said that I hope you enjoy his talk.

Insightful Words


When I first heard of this project, 50 peaks, it really caught my attention. Starting by Scott story, following by the reason of achieving such a project and ending with his book being published, which without a doubt I wanted to read.

Honestly, I haven’t finished reading his book, yet I can already recommend. He tells his story to start with, that’s incredibly inspiring, and then, he just got me into the North Cascades National Park, a park I had never heard of, and looks fantastic. Thanks to Scott I discovered a new place probably I’d had never known even existed, but now, it’s on my list. Isn’t that amazing?

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It’s no secret, soon I’ll become father, on one side, it scares me, on the other side, it really excites me. When you think of traveling and the outdoors with a newborn, well, everyone has their thoughts and it’s ok. I, personally, dream about the moments we will spend in the outdoors.

Tommy shared their trip with an eight-week-old baby and besides his amazing photography of the mighty five in Utah, he just showed what can be done, and that, it really inspires me as well.

And as he says, if it’s not your style, it’s great too, however, I hope you like it!

Check it out here

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