Javi Lorbada is a Madrid based adventure and travel photographer.

Born and raised in Spain; at his twenty-four he moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, seeking new opportunities in his career as a mobile software developer.

During his time in Amsterdam, Javi developed a strong connection with multicultural people and started his affection to discover more about the world, its different cultures, its people, its landscapes. That triggered his passion for photography and sharing it with friends and family.

After six and half years he decided to quit his software development job and going away for more than eight months, he traveled through Nepal, Jordan, Chile, India, Australia and New Zealand among other places and decided to try on this passion. Always hunger for adventure, any time of the year you'll find Javi on the road, hiking through rugged mountains, skiing with friends, or sleeping in his tent seeking for sunsets and sunrises.

Along the way Javi learned to convey a story through his eyes, which constantly share with the world by writing about his journey. With the clear idea of ditching from the city life, he moved back to Spain pursuing new horizons, re-discovering his backyard and share his unique perspective.

He specialises in lifestyle, landscape, sports, and travel photography, helping brands to transmit their message.

Often I get asked what Gear I use, so I tried to put all that together in one place so you can see. Even though I try to update as much as possible I may forget to add some latest additions.

Basic Gear: Fujifilm X-T3 Camera, XF 16mm F1.4, XF18-55 F2.8-4, XF 55-200 F3.5-4.8

DJI Mavic 2 Drone.


Have you felt inspired by the pictures I've created? stories I've shared? trips I made? They were all self-funded and now I'm seeking your support. 100% of your donation will go directly to a set of new prints, a new blog post or a new gallery on my site. I deeply appreciate your support.

What they say —

The stories from Javi Lorbada aren’t just photos from another trip, it’s a deep dive into a whole new world. Lucky for us, there’s usually a map so we can follow along. Backpacking through areas not-often seen, his posts bring new perspectives, new colors and new adventures. With him, the details aren’t lost and getting up before the sun is an excuse to capture the unseen. Experience a journey through his lens.

— Luke Beard,

I have tried many bloggers for promoting our holiday packages and Javi Lorbada was the best in delivering the best pictures of the destination, minute details of the travel which help travellers to choose the right itinerary visiting Kerala. He is very much updated on presenting the content is a very professional manner. I will surely work with him in the near future.

— The Travel Planners

Javi collaborated with Travellers Autobarn in June 2018, travelling in one of our campervans in exchange for photography and blog stories. Every step in the collaboration exceeded our expectations, from the communication to the prompt delivery of content. But especially the amazing quality of the photography! I was blown away when I saw the photos Javi took of our vehicles and the scenery. He has an eye for angles, lighting and amazing editing skills, and I was greatly appreciative of the number of images he sent us, which exceeded what I had originally asked for. We would be more than happy to collaborate with Javi again.

— Travellers Autorbarn

by Lonely Planet —

Javi is a wizard when it comes to landscape photography, so a blog post about his first experiences of New Zealand was always likely to result in a mesmerising read. In this photoessay, Javi focuses on the Banks Peninsula, driving a rented campervan from Christchurch to Akaroa (stopping at a few scenic vantage points of course). With the pictures of the camper set against a star-strewn sky, we challenge anyone to read this and not be inspired to hit the open road themselves.” - Source

— Jack Palfrey

"Why we like it: Apart from the incredible sense of perspective that Javi has captured in this frame, the unusual lighting adds lashings of drama. The mountaintops shrouded in cloud and the vibrant blue roof split the image into thirds, with the top section filled beautifully by a perfect, starry sky. This is a skilful composition and unique snapshot of a well-trodden hiking circuit. - Source

— Emily Frost

Javi’s photos are exceptional, and while the images in his visual journey across the Atacama Desert take centre stage, there’s also something enjoyable about his clipped, stringent prose-style that makes for great reading. Like any good inspirational post, his piece left us wanting to pack a tent and bed down for a night under the star-punctured Chilean skies; though our photos would likely pale in comparison. - Source

— Jack Palfrey

"Why we like it: Zanzibar and shipwrecks are somewhat synonymous, but the lighting and angle of Javi's shot really adds a flourish of drama to this otherwise still image. The dark hues of the sand and boat only serve to highlight the sky's incredible colour palette, and the peripheral palm fronds add that all-important finishing touch." - Source

— Emily Frost

Javi is a wizard with a camera and his photo essay of Jordan sent us into something of a trance. The snaps in this post, which range from brooding, copper-tinged desert vistas to colourful wall murals on the streets of Amman, wonderfully showcase the draws of this multifaceted destination, bursting with attractions for outdoor lovers and city slickers alike. The impressive imagery is complemented by Javi’s usual clipped prose style, providing context to the visuals and personal thoughts on the areas he visits.” - Source

— Jack Palfrey

"Why we like it: There's something celestially beautiful about a clear night sky, particularly when captured as expertly as Javi has here. The star-strewn backdrop to those eerily moonlit trees is of course the main event, but Javi adds an extra sprinkling of drama with his considered framing; the darkened vegetation that runs along the bottom of the image contrasting with the starlit brightness of the horizon." - Source

— Emily Frost

"Why we like it: Chile is home to some of planet earth's most breathtaking natural wonders and panoramic landscapes, and Javi's capture of this glacier mid-flow showcases them perfectly. The moody, stormy clouds and dark, thick forests that frame the shot give it an extra flourish of drama, and feel almost as though they are creeping into the camera lens itself." - Source

— Emily Frost

"They say a picture tells a thousand words, and with this article Javi lets his photography skills do most of the talking. Documenting one of the world’s great treks in 100 arresting images, Javi leads readers along the twists and turns of Nepal’s beautiful Annapurna mountain circuit. The mix of brooding landscape shots and portraits of smiling locals is enough to leave anyone contemplating dusting down their old hiking boots and hitting the trail." - Source

— Jack Palfrey

“Safari stories never cease to amaze us, but this photo post looks at the African savanna through a slightly different lens. Instead of the wildlife, Javi makes the savanna sunrises, sunsets and night skies the focus of his photography and the results are beautiful" - Source

— Louise Bastock